Top 5 Utilities to use on a Flash Drive

USB flash drives and jump drives are often underrated and overlooked devices that can be used for much more than simply storing personal files and those needed for educational or professional purposes. With the increased amounts of storage options found in modern USB drives, flash drives can now hold just about any application, extension, or program with a variety of uses.
Here are five ways your trusty flash drive can help you on in a pinch:
ReadyBoost is a disk cache service that can be used in Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and the new Windows 10 operating system. It can increase the speed of your computer by storing temporary data on the flash drive, essentially letting the flash disk work as a mini temporary SSD hard drive. ReadyBoost works best on older computers with slow hard drives or low RAM, and you may not see much benefit on a high-end modern computer.
PREDATOR is software that allows you to both lock and unlock your computer using your flash drive, by inserting and removing the flash drive. Once you insert the drive, your computer will operate as it typically would, but upon removing the drive, your keyboard and mouse are disabled while placing the screen in a standby-mode visual. Multiple computers can be registered with the same copy of PREDATOR and the same flash drive.
Windows Recovery
Creating a recovery drive for your Windows computer will not only save the copious amounts of stress that one experiences when a critical system failure occurs, but can also allow you to boot your computer to access an immense amount of troubleshooting tools and features to revive an otherwise dead or failing PC. Now you no longer have to worry about having a proper restore point or the data that is needed on an alternate hard drive, a small drive the size of a pen cap can now recover all lost files.
Portable Apps
PortableApps is a catch-all program that allows you to download and install portable versions of hundreds of popular applications. Keeping a portable PDF viewer handy for example, such as Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader, ensures that you’ll always be able to view and access portable document format files and presentations without worrying about having a safe, secure internet or wireless connection that allows you to search the internet for your favorite program to open these. When using a public computer, one never knows what applications will and will not be available, and PortableApps allows you to take key applications like Skype, Chrome, GIMP, Audacity and LibreOffice with you.
Use as a Password Reset Disk
If you’ve ever experienced the horror of entering a password to unlock your system, just to get the error that the password entered is incorrect, then you’ve felt the miniature heart attack that many computer users worldwide experience when attempting to sign in. After forgetting a main system password, such as the one used to sign into a user profile, it’s nearly impossible to reset. Keeping a password reset disk on a flash drive can allow you to reset the password and gain access back to your profile and hard disk.