Wooden Book usb flash drives

Wooden Book usb flash drives,Wood usb flash drives use wood material,it is environmental protection,

Item NumberUW-10
Coloras image or other colors you request
Product Description

Personalized gifts

If you have been searching for a way to get your companies name out there in a way that is classy not trashy and user friendly then you have just found it. The UW-10 wood USB flash drive offers you an affordable way to offer personalized gifts to clients and employees or to use as a promotional gift. Load your basic company information onto each USB drive and further help to raise brand awareness by having your company name and logo laser etched into the wood for a timeless, classy look that consumers love.


Make sure when choosing the right prospects for your promotional giveaway that you choose those who work in the business world as this is where you are going to get the most exposure from your investment in customized wood USB flash drives. By carefully choosing your target market for your give way you can ensure that those who you supply with a free promotional flash drive will use it over and over again providing you with free advertising each time it is used.

Raise brand awareness for your company

This stylish wood USB flash drive is a popular choice for promotional give away as it offers an attached keychain that allows it to easily be clipped onto a bag, purse, computer bag, keys or tablet where it will act as a walking billboard to raise brand awareness for your company. Even if you plan to pre-load the UW-10 with your company information before giving it away, you should still consider having it laser engraved to create a deep rustic company logo and name for all to see. This is one low cost investment that is sure to pay for itself in time as your business grows.


Embossing logo or silkscreen logo


PP bag or White box

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