Wood swivel usb flash drive

Wood swivel usb flash drive is beautiful,we can use laser engraved skill to plus your company name and logo on it.we must choose environmental protective material,it is safe to human,you don’t need to worry that wood usb flash drive to be harm for body.

Item NumberUW-11
Coloras image or other color you request
Product Description

Comes in Multiple Wood Finishes

If you want a natural finish on your flash drive then this quality wood swivel finish is an affordable flash drive option that offers the rustic charm you are after. This unique wood flash drive comes in a variety of different wood finishes to choose rom such as natural bamboo, maple, carbonized bamboo or walnut. Best yet, the UW-28 is small, lightweight and compact which makes it easy for anyone to take it with them on to go. This handy wooden swing flash drive will easily fit into any purse, bag, briefcase or pocket to take digital data with on the go to use at a different location.

Makes a Great Gift

In today’s digital world, everyone uses digital files with paper files being next to obsolete. The invention of the flash drive such as this small wooden swing model has made it possible to easily transport digital files from one compatible device to the flash drive and then onto another device at a different location within mere moments. This convenient flash drive makes the perfect addition to your home or business, as a gift for coworkers or to use as part of your marketing campaign to increase brand awareness and help to draw in new customers.

Great for Promotional Giveaways

USB flash drives are an affordable marketing tool that will appeal perfectly to your target niche and provide you with the brand exposure that you need to help your business grow and draw in new customers. This Handy Wooden swivel flash drive is beautiful as it is, or you can choose to have your name or the name of your business, company logo or website laser engraved into the surface of the wood for a durable finish that will stand the test of time providing you with years of free marketing long after the original promotion has ended.


PP box or wooden gift box


Laser engraved or silkscreen

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