Multifunctional 3D USB Pedometer Smart Bracelet

Time,Calorie,Temperature,3D pedometer,Sleep Monitor,keep your body in healthy

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Colorblack,orange,white,green ,red,blue
Product Description

Why buy an ordinary watch when you can get a stylish smart bracelet watch today at an affordable price? Similar to when people started migrating from ordinary telephones to smart phones in the last few decades, smart watches are the next step of advancement from ordinary watches and provide a host of intelligent features for your convenience. The must-have items blend technology with style, and you can use them even if you are not so tech savvy. Additionally, they’re easy to read and one of the most desired items the market.

Product Brief Introduction
● Built-in 3D acceleration sensor with high sensitivity,can catch your each small action,Making more accurate pedometer.
● It can trace your burning calories,movement steps,movement distance,and also could set and inquire the complete of moving goal.
● With Temperature Display Function, easy for the users to know the environment temperature which he/she stayed in.
● Strap integrates USB interface,Plug and Play.
● With the function of exercise date memory,it could view the record amount of movement data by connecting the computer.
● Time/Date Display,adjust the time with computer synchronization.
● Intelligent sleeping monitoring,easy for the users to know or improve the sleeping quality.
● USB rechargeable watch,built-in rechargeable battery,it could be charging and data exchanging by connecting to the computer.
● Small and light body,Simple and Fashionable, Design of Circular arc for wrist,More comfortable to wear.
● Extremely light weight, and very comfortable to wear. You can upgrade and customize them to
your liking too!


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