Metal credit card USB flash disk

This one of a kind stylish USB flash drive is just like business card only better. Shaped like a credit card with a beautiful silver finish everyone is sure to love this ultra-thin credit card USB flash drive

Item NumberUC-22
Product Description

Metal credit card USB flash disk Not only will the stylish silver finish please you, you are sure to be impressed with the innovative waterproof chip encased within this unit which is able to go up to 20 meters underneath the surface of the water for as long as 3 days without damaging the quality or integrity of the data stored within.

Replace Your Business Cards
Credit card flash drives’ provide you with an opportunity to offer a promotional gift to customers that is similar to a business card because it will display your company information; however, it also is very useful as well, something the traditional business card can’t offer. Old business cards were often discarded because they served no purpose to the customer. However, when you replace your business cards with these metal credit card USB flash sticks you can be sure that each and every one will be used tie and time again; which means that your brand will get exposure as clients proudly show off their new handy USB drive with your company name, logo or website address.

Includes High Speed Chip
The UC – 22 metal credit card USB flash disk not only has a stylish silver finish that can be customized with your choice of information, it also includes a high speed chip that is waterproof for up to 72 hours when submerged in water as deep as twenty meters. Another great feature of the metal credit card flash disk is that it is ultra-thin about the thickness of a coin and can easily be placed into a wallet’s credit card slot. This makes it convenient to carry with you anywhere that you go; making it possible to always have access to a storage device whenever you need it.


This style available kinds LOGO ,such as silkscreen or laser engraved

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This leather pouch is available too

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