8GB wood usb flash drive

8GB wood USB flash drive is a good promotional gift,use the environment-friendly materiel,use laser engraved skill to print you company name and logo on it.i will be on them for a long time.give your idea,let us do it.

Item NumberUW-17
Coloras the image or other color you request

Product Description

Simplistic Design
This beautiful rustic looking USB swivel flash drive is the perfect choice if you want a simplistic design that will appeal to everyone. Not only can you get this stylish USB flash drive in the wood tone pictured, you can also choose between walnut, maple, Beech, Red Wood, carbonation bamboo and Ecru bamboo. Choose the wood finish that you like the best and then decide if you want to have this USB flash drive personalized with your name, your company logo, and website and company name. Or, you can opt not to have this USB flash drive customized if it is for you. Typically, if you are going to give this item as a gift to promote your brand then you should have your companies contact information proudly placed for all to see.

Add Your Company Logo

If you to make a true statement that is sure to make your company logo and information pop on the rustic wooden exterior of this USB flash drive is to have the image laser engraved into the surface of the wood. This type of engraving is a popular choice with both personal and business clients as it is known to provide a rustic look that will retain its beauty for many years to come without wearing off or fading the way some other finishes are known to do over time. You can even choose from 3 different wood finishes as well to further customize this flash drive to your specifications.


This wooden swivel USB flash stick provides your business with an affordable marketing opportunity that consumers are sure to take interest in. So, aif you want a promotional gift that will make the most out of your marketing budget then look no further than this stylish wooden swivel USB flash drive that will proudly show off your company information for everyone to see. This type of exposure is invaluable when used correctly and can lead to better brand awareness and ultimately the further expansion of your company due to the new clientele that it draws in.


Laser engrave sample photos :

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8GB wood usb flash drive