Guitar USB flash drives

At Sino Memory we offer a huge selection of different types of USB memory devices to choose from such as this unique eco friendly bamboo USB flash drive. If you want to make a statement or are looking for a USB flash drive that really makes a statement then this is the one for you.

Item NumberUW-18
Product Description

Guitar USB Flash Drives

The bamboo USB flash drive also works as a great promotional item to promote the protection of the environment. This makes an excellent gift for promoting environmental protection and everyone is sure to love it. Not only is it made of beautiful bamboo, it also provides internal storage for transferring and sharing files.

Laser Etch Your Company Name or Logo
When it comes to USB memory drives you have many choices such as customizable USB drives designed by you to those that are simply customized with the name, website or logo of your company to stylish and eco-friendly designs such as the Guitar USB Flash Drives.We can even add the name of your company or your company logo in the surface of the wood using a laser with precise precision. The logo will remain for years helping to increase brand exposure and awareness and providing a practical use that people of all ages can use.

Small & Compact Design
This is one of the most popular types of USB flash drives that we carry thanks to the beautiful wood finish which is designed to look identical to bamboo. Weighing only 27grams and measuring 3.7*1.8*0.6 cm the Music USB flash drive is small enough to take with you anywhere. Stick it in your pocket or throw it in your suitcase or purse and you will always have access to a quick and easy way to transfer files from one location to another.


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