How to choose a good quality usb flash drives

What’s the usages of usb flash drives ,of course ,save data is the basic and important usages of usb .

So choose a good quality usb flash drives to save your data is quite important . how to judge it ?

1: high speed .  the low speed usb flash drive writing speed is about 3MB/s , it means ,when you uploads 1GB data you need  6min at least . for middle speed usb flash drives wrting speed is about 5MB/s , it means about 4 min ,  then for high speed usb with 10MB/s , it only need   1.71min

This speed difference also caused price difference, so don’t say your price is higher ,we should see what kind of chips they used and how about the speed .

2: enough capacity : no upgrade

Some client buy cheap usb flash drives, when they used ,they found the 8GB usb flash drives can only used 1GB capacity or less . this is fake usb ,we called it upgrade . So here recommend you one software to test your usb if with full capacity , “h2testw.exe”  It can show the speed and capacity

3: Check the Brand of chips . for regular users they may not check the ID of chips ,but the different chips is really effect the lifetime of usb .  Now ,the popular Brand in maket is Toshiba ,Micron ,SAMSUNG .

4: Design/Outlooking : Of couse,the surface of usb flash drivers is also quite important , above 3 points we talked is about inner side of usb . The style of use also important ,don’t forget usb flash drives another usage is promotional. You can choose the Custom Flash Drives,credit card usb ,Crystal usb and capless usb drives and key usbs and so on …

All these USBs has own feature , Custom flash drives can do what you want , Credit card usb has biggest size to printing and with competitive price . Crystal USB flash drives is unique Flash drives with 3D laser engraved….. There must be one for you.