Ready to Use Custom USB Flash Drives with Preload and Data Services

When you give away your custom designed USB flash drives, you want your customers to start using them right away and learn valuable information about your business and brand. Sino-memory’s pre-load and data services make sure that this can happen.

Standard Preload:Just let us know what kind of information you need loaded onto the USB flash drives and we will ensure it is pre-loaded before delivery. Don’t worry if you have complex needs; our professionals have the skills and expertise to match any requirement with ease.

Non-Erasable Content: Add vital information about your product/company/brand and make it a permanent, manipulation-protected part of your customer’s life with non- erasable content. Talk to us about these needs and we will create a partition on the USB drive that is undeletable. Your customer can still use the rest of the storage space like a conventional flash drive.

Custom Icon Creation: Amp up the personalization factor and give your custom USB a unique personality of its own to grab the attention of your customers. We can have a drive icon that resembles your business logo appear whenever the USB is plugged into any machine. Combine this with auto run and you get a visually appealing window opening up whenever the customer accesses your flash drive.

Hidden Files
: Another great feature that we offer is the option to hide information that is stored on the flash drive. Users will see only a limited number of files that are relevant to them.

Drive Partitions: Take customization to the maximum by getting your USB flash drives partitioned. Partitioning makes organizing files and folders much easier and allows the user to keep critical files separated so that they can be accessed and secured easily and quickly. Just let us know the kind of USB customized formatting you need and we will deliver exactly what you are looking for.

Password Protected Data Encryption: Security is of paramount importance when it comes to data storage devices and we give you the best in this respect with our customized USB flash drives. With our password protection feature activated, your customers never have to fear unauthorized access of the data they have stored.

World-class Quality Guaranteed

When you choose a product, the most important thing is its quality. With Sino-Memory customized USB flash drives, what you get is world-class quality products that give you years and years of reliable service.