We offer a range of services with our trademark world-class quality and top-notch customer service. Take a look at the many different ways in which we make it easy for you to reach out to your target audience effectively:

Give your Logo the Attention it Deserves

Your business logo is the visual representation of your brand identity; making sure that your target audience is familiar with it and can quickly associate it with your brand, company name and product is imperative. At Sino- Memory, we know how to showcase and highlight your logo on the product of your choice so that it grabs the maximum eyeballs. We use state of art designing and printing techniques including:

• Screen printing: Also known as silkscreen, serigraphy, and serigraph printing, screen printing is a very popular and most effective technique used to recreate multi color images with crystal clear clarity.

• Pad printing: This technique helps us transfer a 2-D image on a 3-D object, giving a stunning rendition of your chosen design/logo in the process. The use of gravure printing process ensures that minute details can be reproduced with accuracy.
SINO-MEMORY-pad printing

• Water transfer printing: A high productivity technique that also happens to be very versatile, roller printing is our technique of choice when we want to reproduce designs of varying complexity for a customer. The process gives perfection when a multicolor pattern has various component parts that need to blend together aesthetically without mismatches at the conjunction/repetition points.
water tranfer printing -sino-memory
• Laser Engraving: Laser engraving offers picture perfect reproduction of your custom image/design on to a range of natural and man-made materials such as plastic, metal, coated metal, stone and glass.
• Hot Stamping: A simple and straightforward process, hot stamping uses a die to create an impression via a foil onto the material to be imprinted. With no solvents or inks being used in this process, hot stamping is a eco-friendly technique that we use for a number of our projects.
Hot stamp

• Full color printing &Stamp; Epoxy: To recreate eye catching colors and give you a wide array of textures and unique shapes we also use full color printing and epoxy to manufacture our custom USB product range.

sino-memory USB
Ready to Use Custom USB Flash Drives with Preload and Data Services

When you give away your custom designed USB flash drives, you want your customers to start using them right away and learn valuable information about your business and brand. Our pre-load and data services make sure that this can happen.

• Standard Preload:Just let us know what kind of information you need loaded onto the USB flash drives and we will ensure it is pre-loaded before delivery. Don’t worry if you have complex needs; our professionals have the skills and expertise to match any requirement with ease.

• Non-Erasable Content: Add vital information about your product/company/brand and make it a permanent, manipulation-protected part of your customer’s life with non- erasable content. Talk to us about these needs and we will create a partition on the USB drive that is undeletable. Your customer can still use the rest of the storage space like a conventional flash drive.

• Custom Icon Creation: Amp up the personalization factor and give your custom USB a unique personality of its own to grab the attention of your customers. We can have a drive icon that resembles your business logo appear whenever the USB is plugged into any machine. Combine this with auto run and you get a visually appealing window opening up whenever the customer accesses your flash drive.

• Hidden Files: Another great feature that we offer is the option to hide information that is stored on the flash drive. Users will see only a limited number of files that are relevant to them.

• Drive Partitions: Take customization to the maximum by getting your USB flash drives partitioned. Partitioning makes organizing files and folders much easier and allows the user to keep critical files separated so that they can be accessed and secured easily and quickly. Just let us know the kind of USB customized formatting you need and we will deliver exactly what you are looking for.

• Password Protected Data Encryption: Security is of paramount importance when it comes to data storage devices and we give you the best in this respect with our customized USB flash drives. With our password protection feature activated, your customers never have to fear unauthorized access of the data they have stored.

World-class Quality Guaranteed

When you choose a product, the most important thing is its quality. With Sino-Memory customized USB flash drives, what you get is world-class quality products that give you years and years of reliable service.

Our production process follows a well established structure:
Design ⇒ Rendering ⇒ Sample ⇒ Product ⇒ Packing ⇒ Transportation ⇒ After-sale Services
By giving you virtual pre-production proof that shows the exact placement of your logo on the product as well as Pre-Production Samples of the product you are ordering ($50 cost), we ensure that we give you exactly what you are looking for. We ship through reliable, professionals services such as UPS, Fedex, DHL, TNT, Aramex and Freight Forwarders.

A choice of payment terms, including T/T, Western Union and Paypal, makes it easy for you to place your order no matter where you are. We request a 30 percent deposit before production and you can pay the balance right before the order is shipped to you.

Our Lifetime Warranty covers all our products and we undertake to replace all broken or otherwise unusable products through our website.

Our Bank Info is as follows:

Account No.: 509-711792-838
Name&Address of Bank: HSBC, No.1 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong