How to Select a custom gift for Exhibition

There are many exhibitions each year and Exhibitors was headache how to select a custom gift for their show . They has to consider :Price, products type and gift quality ,advertising function and production time and transports.USB flash drives as a promotional gifts is a good choice for exhibitors.

Here we are recommend some custom USB Flash Drives for your reference :

1:Credit card USB Flash Drives.

This promotional credit card USB flash drives main advantage is that has two sides to printing logo ,large-scale advertising space. Price is competitive ,Ultra-thin easy to carry .Suitable for the exhibitor offer a gift for there client who has intention to cooperation. It’s a good way to promote your brand and save your cost.

2: High-end Leather Memory sticks:We often make an appointment with clients who has been cooperation with company at the show . Then how to select a right gift to these customers to express our appreciation? In fact, the best gift should be base on their hobbies,meaningful,tolerant and extraordinary quality . So when choosing a gift ,we should consider his ideological ,artistic and commemorative and unique .Following Leather USB memory sticks is more suitable for the high-end clients. You can embossing your LOGO or brand on it .multi-color available.

3: Function USB key ,We can run the website inside USB flash drives, so when clients plug usb flash drives to computer, the website will be autorun . Also ,we can save your catalog of photos

insides of USB and make Autorun function . Following swivel USB flash drives is most suitable one . The outlooking is simple ,but useful and the most important is price is very attractive .

Finally ,No matter whats kind of USB flash drives ,Quality is most important thing. from the shell to the inside chips. you can checked every details for sure the quality .Hope you can find the suitable one for your show.

4 Amazing Things You Can do With a USB Flash Drive

4 Amazing Things You Can do With a USB Flash Drive

While most people believe that a USB Flash drive is nothing more than a data storage device, you would be surprised to know the amazing things you can actually do with it apart from storing and transferring your important files across systems. Here is a list of the incredibly cool yet little known functions that you can perform using your USB flash drive.

Put a ‘secret lock’ on your computer

A security software referred to as the Predator can be loaded onto your USB drive to transform it into a ‘secret’ key to unlock your computer. So, you actually need to plug in your USB Flash drive to activate the key and access your computer. If anyone tries to make unauthorized access to your computer without the USB drive, they will instantly be greeted with a message ‘Access Denied’. How cool is that!

Operate Portable Apps

Another great feature of the USB Flash drive allows you to run your favorite files and apps on a Window’s computer without actually booting into a fresh OS. By plugging in your USB Flash drive into the computer, you can access a Portable Start Menu that opens up a world of portable applications for you to work with. Some of the softwares that allow you to perform this function include winPenPack and LiberKey.

Use it as RAM

Slow computers are a revolting part of life for many. But, did you know that your friendly USB Flash Drive can actually double up as RAM to help boost the speed and performance of your desktop/laptop? Plugging in your USB Flash Drive (that possess adequate space) into your computer can not only help manage your applications and programs better but also achieve a faster online experience. ReadyBoost by Microsoft is one such software that can be used for this purpose.

Manage your Windows Computer

An excellent software to help you manage your computer with your USB Flask Drive, Parted Magic can be extremely handy when you are always in a hurry. With this software you can easily perform a wide range of functions such as partitioning your system’s hard drive, cloning your system, resetting your window’s password and so on using nothing but your USB flash drive.

Believe it or not, but a USB flash drive can also serve as an innovative and thoughtful gift for someone you love! All it takes is a few hours to load pictures, videos, songs or collages on your USB Flash Drive and give it away as a personalized gift to make your loved one feel special!


4 Interesting Facts About USB Flash Drives That Should Know

USB Flash drives are a boon for the ‘on the go’ lifestyle of today’s generation. The super versatile data storage device is not only a great accessory for storing your important office files and recreational data but also an ideal gift item for marketing your brand among your corporate clients. Despite being used as an everyday office tool, the USB Flash Drive is still shrouded by considerable mystery, with people having little knowledge about its background and performance related stats such as its durability and lifespan. Here is a list of a few interesting facts about the USB Flash Drive that you might want to know.


While most people look for storage capacity as the primary deciding factor while buying a USB Flash Drive, there is something called data transfer rate that should also be considered. A USB drive’s capabilities are also measured by its ability to transfer data files at a good speed. So, the next time you go shopping for a USB Flash drive, do check its performance or data transfer rate in addition to its storage capacity.

Implication of the name

Have you ever thought about why exactly it is termed as a USB Flash ‘Drive’? Well the reason is that this portable storage device operates on a system similar to the conventional hard drives and responds to read and write functions which are exactly the same as your regular OS commands.

Wi-Fi USB Drives

One of the latest innovations comes in the form of USB Flash Drives that are compatible with wireless routers and can be used for connecting your portable systems including laptops with the internet. The Wi-Fi USB Flash drives are integrated with antennas that can pick up network signals from your main router and provide uninterrupted internet supply to your various devices.


Typical USB Flash Drives are highly durable and can withstand extreme pressure and temperature conditions as well. They are largely resistant to falls and impacts and hardly sustain any physical damages or wear and tear. Believe it or not, but there are extremely high performance flash drives that can actually survive sub zero temperatures, extreme heat of up to 394 degree F and even tons of pressure without giving in.


Why Embossed Leather Flash Drives Are Great For Brand Image

No brand can survive within the market without carving a niche for itself. And one way of accomplishing this is to create a distinctive image for your brand that distinguishes it from the existing names in the industry. When your brand has a particular image that people identify with, it is easier for you to build a reputation associated with your very name and expand your customer base far and wide.

One of the most popular and cost effective ways of building your personal brand image is giving out corporate/promotional gifts such as embossed leather flash drives to your partners and clients and spread the word. Here is a discussion on how a simple but unique embossed leather flash drive can do wonders for your brand image.

Marketing the brand

Most businesses employ the use of themed corporate gifts and promotional souvenirs as an effective way of spreading an awareness of their brand. Gifts have always been associated with relationships and that’s exactly what you can build with your clients and stakeholders when you market you brand with the help of themed gifts and souvenirs. An interesting idea for a corporate themed gift is a leather flash drive embossed or laser engraved with your company’s logo and personalized message that goes with your brand vision.

Our customized leather USB flash drives have been crafted to perfection using only the finest quality durable leather and can be easily attached to your key chain. Also our state of the art laser engraving and embossing promotes high standards of printing and lends your brand logo a luxurious and premium appeal.

So, if you gift your clients and partners, our leather USB flash drives, you will essentially be laying the foundation of a lasting relationship with them. A flash drive is easily one of the most common and useful office accessories that your clients and partners are certainly going to make use of. Also, since the flash drive comes with an attachable loop that holds it securely in a key chain, there are negligible chances of them losing it.

The premium leather finish of these USB flash drives will create an upscale image of your brand and make the recipients associate your business with quality and integrity. And, when your client carries with them a luxurious leather flash drive that bears your brand logo on it, the others are bound to take note of it and get to know your business better!

Why Custom-Shaped USB Flash Drives Make Great Corporate Gifts

The practice of giving corporate gifts has been a thing of the past for God knows how many decades. In fact, you could go so far as to say that it is almost as old as the concept of business and trade itself. Okay, we might be exaggerating things there, but, forgive us, for we really do not know.

However, what we do know is that there are a ton of benefits to corporate gifting. Let’s take a look at some of them.

It creates a connection

Whether you’re giving them out to clients, customers or your own employees, the concept of giving gifts builds connections. This is because giving gifts allows you to show your appreciation to the customer/client for the business they have provided you.

In fact, it can even serve as an ice-breaker of sorts. Gifting adds that personal touch, where, the client or customer realises that you value them. Beyond that point, you stop being a service provider. You actually start being perceived as a partner.

It’s the same thing with your employees.

Custom PVC USB drives with embossing LOGO

Branding & marketing

A good business values its brand and they show it by giving away themed items as gifts. Not only does it help your business portray itself as relationship oriented but also as a thoughtful business. Your brand becomes more visible.

Speaking of visibility, a themed gift item also serves an advertisement of sorts. Think about it – let’s say you gift a t-shirt with your brand logo to a customer and he/she decides to wear it in public. Just imagine the free publicity you’ll be getting.

Someone out there who needs services similar to what you provide is going to look at that t-shirt and go “Hmmm…maybe I should call these guys!”

It’s one of the best ways to get your brand noticed.

Branded USB flash Drives

Helps your brand stand out

Now, your customers obviously do business with other similar brands. But, by gifting themed items, you can make sure they always recall your name first. Just one look at the item that you gifted them and you can be sure they’re going to remember you.

Now, corporate gifting has to be practical. You have to give out gifts that the customer will likely use on a regular basis. One such gift item is the USB flash drive.

USB flash drives are super practical. They are basically tiny storage devices that everybody finds useful. Now, by adding your name to something so practical, you can make sure your customer carries your brand everywhere they go.

Speaking of themed USB flash drives, there is  one name you can trust –SINO-MEMORY.

SINO-MEMORY makes top-of-the-line, 100% Custom-Shaped USB flash drives and Custom PVC USB flash drives. So, order one and make your clients, customers, and employees happy.

Custom PVC USB flash drives with full color printing





How to Troubleshoot Issues with Your Flash Drive

USB flash drives, while quite convenient and easy to use, occasionally experience hiccups. If you plug a USB flash drive into your computer’s USB port and it is not recognized, there are few different issues that can be occurring. It’s easy to troubleshoot the issue and, in most cases, get your USB flash drive responding as it should.

Start with Disk Management

Step 1: Plug the drive into a USB port and check whether Windows is detecting the presence of the drive. Open the Disk Management tool by pressing the Windows Key + R simultaneously. A box will pop up. Into the field labeled ‘Open,’ enter ‘diskmgmt.msc’ (do not include quote marks) and click the OK button on the screen, or hit the enter key. Your USB flash drive should show up in the list of drives in the Disk Management window. If you don’t find the drive listed, go to step 3 for instructions on how to properly format the drive so Windows can recognize the flash drive. If you don’t see the USB drive on the list, continue on to step two.

Check Your Hardware

Step 2: If Windows is not recognizing the drive, the problem could be your computer’s USB port, a problem with a driver on your computer, or the drive itself. Try plugging the drive into a different USB port. If it is working fine in another port, you may have a broken USB port on your computer. If you’re using a USB hub, try plugging the drive directly into a USB port on the computer, as sometimes USB hubs are not powerful enough to work with external drives.

If you’ve tried other USB ports on the same computer and the drive is still not recognized, it can still be difficult to determine if the problem is the flash drive itself or if there is a problem with your computer. You can try connecting the drive to another computer and see if it can be detected. If it is not detected on another computer, repeat step 1 to determine if the drive is being recognized by Disk Management. If it is not being recognized by Disk Management on another computer, the problem is likely a dead USB drive and it will require replacing.

If you find the drive works OK on another computer, or you’re unable to test it on a second computer, you can check your computer to see if there may be an issue with a driver. To check this, you’re going to use Device Manager. Press the Windows Key + R simultaneously. A box will pop up. Into the field labeled ‘Open,’ enter ‘devmgmt.msc’ and click the OK button on the screen, or hit the enter key. If you see any disk drives with a warning (!) mark next to them, you have a problem with a driver. Right click on the line with the mark and select ‘Properties’ to see the error. You can then use Google to search for more information about the error.

If you’ve only recently experienced a problem with getting the USB drive to be recognized by your computer, you may want to try System Restore to easily correct the problem. Or, you can click on the ‘Update Driver’ button on the list of device properties to install a newer driver if one is available. The ‘Roll Back Driver’ button will restore the previous version of the driver. You can even use the ‘Uninstall’ button to uninstall the drive from your computer. Hopefully you system will them reinstall and configure the driver correctly upon reconnecting the drive.

Partitions and Formats

Step 3: You may be experiencing issues with the partitioning or file systems on the USB drive. A drive that is unpartitioned or unallocated can be cleaned up and partitioned, allowing it to be used.

If you’ve partitioned the drive and it’s still not reading, be sure you’ve set a drive letter to allow Windows to access it. Normally, this is automatic, but if you’ve manually unset the drive letter, you may not be able to access the drive through Windows.

If the drive is partitioned and still not showing up, it could have been partitioned on the wrong file system. The drive may have been formatted through another operating system. Reformat the drive with the NTFS system or the older FAT32 file system to allow the drive to be recognized If you have important files you need to save and the drive was formatted with another operating system, you’ll need to take the drive back to a computer with that operating system and save the files to another drive.

If you’ve tried these troubleshooting steps and the drive is still not recognized, there is a chance that your flash drive is broken and will need to be replaced.

Marketing with Personalized USB Drives

Marketing with Personalized USB Drives

Gaining an edge in marketing requires that you get creative and place the customer experience above all else. Reaching out to customers with a variety of marketing tools is a necessity, and taking a creative approach can set you apart from your competitors.

Consider providing your customers with something useful, something tangible that puts your brand in front of them on a regular basis. Product giveaways, for example, nearly always beat the return on investment of even lucrative Facebook ads. A product a customer can hold in their hand is a way to positively engage with them and create positive brand association.

Promote with Innovation and Design

Consider a USB drive. USB drives are available in a variety of shapes and designs. You can purchase personalized USB drives with swing covers that are very standard, or USB drives incorporated into ink pens, bracelets, keychains, lanyards, carbiners, and credit card style that fits neatly into a wallet. Any of these styles of USB drives lends itself nicely to custom design with your company logo and contact information.

If you want to get really creative with it, we have specially designed USB drives shaped into unique designs such as chess pieces, lipstick cases, footballs, guitars, mini-barrels, tractor-trailers, airplanes, and more. Custom designs and colors are available. You can choose from a variety of materials, including plastic, metal, wood and cork, to name a few.

Whether you want to go with something standard imprinted with your company logo, or get really creative and do a special design that reflects a key aspect of your business, a USB drive is a fun, useful and creative marketing tool.

The Number One Product Promo Item

A study by BPMA Research shows that USB drives as a marketing tool are the most popular promotional item used today, as compared to other popular giveaways such as pens, electrical items, or mugs. USB drives were preferred by 21% of respondents, compared to 11% for electrical items, the next most popular category. 87% of respondents indicated they had held onto these promotional items for more than a year, and 30% held on to them for more than 4 years. Additionally, an astounding 97% said they did not forget the name of the company or product advertised.

That’s a lot of bang for your buck! How much do people love USB drives? There are more than a half trillion USB drives out there currently.

Adapting to the Digital Age

Let’s take a look at an example of a wedding photographer. For several years, he had presented his clients with a beautifully packaged DVD of their wedding photos. He packed the DVD in a metal tin printed with a carefully selected photo of the newly married couple. Inside was placed the DVD and printed inside the lid was his company logo and contact information. The package was wrapped up with a lovely bow, a business card was attached and this finished product was presented happily to clients. At the time the photographer introduced the DVD to his clients, the technology was still cutting edge, but as time wore on and technology continued to advance at a blinding pace, the photographer found the DVD no longer cut it. More and more in this digital age, his clients no longer even had DVD drives in their computers.

The photographer, wanting to stay ahead of the game, quickly realized a change to USB drives would keep his business relevant and thriving. Using just 30-40 USB drives a year, he ordered mostly 4 GB drives, some 8 GB drives, custom designed with his company logo. He presented the drives in small 3.5” gift boxes lined with fabric matching his company logo color, had his company logo and contact info printed inside the lid, and tied it all up with a bow and attached a business card.

He didn’t have to change his entire world. He just had to adapt with the times and recognize changing technology to stay competitive. He provided his customers with a service, but more than that, he presented the finished service in a way that was technologically savvy, useful to the customer, and allowed him to promote his brand.

Whether you’ve got a service that lends itself to sharing information via a USB drive, or merely want to use a personalized USB drive as a giveaway to keep your name in front of customers and potential customers, USB drives are a great option. You can purchase a small number, or purchase in bulk. USB drives are available in a variety of sizes and price points, with something available to fit nearly every

The Benefits of USB Drives for Photography Professionals

The Benefits of USB Drives for Photography Professionals

The work of a photography professional affords the opportunity to be a part of something special and capture moments that others will cherish for a lifetime. A photographer is entrusted with the responsibility of the capturing memories for those celebrations we treasure the most, weddings, anniversary parties, family reunions, a newborn baby, family portraits, graduations, and more.

A Shift to a New Medium

As a photographer, your special craft includes getting the perfect lighting, capturing the best angles, and editing photos so as to make them as perfect as possible. Until recently, the final step in the process was often burning those photos onto a CD or DVD and delivering them to the client. However, in the digital age, there’s been a shift in the medium.

Today’s market has shifted away from discs toward the digital experience. As a result, USB drives have begun to dominate as primary means of digital storage and delivery for professional photographers. Options for photographers continue to expand with the offering of custom USB drives in a variety of storage capacities, easily customized with a company logo and color scheme. The USB drive offers the photographer the opportunity to provide clients with something that can be personalized, exquisitely packaged, and can be used over and over again.

A Commonly Used Form of Storage

Technology is rapidly developing and it is not uncommon these days for many laptops other portable devices, and even some desktop computers to not include external disc drives. Optical media is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Using an outdated format can spell the demise of your business. Clients are always looking for the best, and that includes utilizing cutting edge technology. USB drives have become one of the most commonly used forms of storage in the world. Mass production and a reduced price point has resulted in the sale of over a half trillion USB drives worldwide.


Enable Your Clients to Share Your Work Quickly

When a client receives their special photos, they are often anxious to share those treasured moments with friends, family, co-workers, and potentially hundreds of others. A photographer’s work is often shared on popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Optical media such as CDs or DVDs can hinder the sharing process, as access to a drive may not be readily available, and discs can become easily scratched, damaged or lost. A USB drive allows clients to quickly upload photographs via computers, and many tablets and smartphones.

The faster and more efficiently a photographer’s work can be disseminated, the better the client experience. When a photographer’s work is shared, it serves as an important marketing tool as others admire the photographer’s work. When personalized with a company logo and color scheme, the USB drives presented to clients serve as a reminder to keep a business first and foremost in the client’s mind.

A Variety of Affordable, Customizable Options

USB drives also offer a pricing advantage. Today they are available at a relatively low cost, often competitive with more outdated media. Many companies require only a low minimum purchase for personalization. When ordering in bulk, additional savings of up to as much as 50% are typically available. Additionally, USB drives are available in a variety of storage capacities and styles. The small size of a USB drives lends itself nicely to elegant packaging which can further promote and enhance a photographer’s brand.


The Importance of Branding

In a competitive marketplace, branding remains of the utmost importance. Highly customizable with color, design and logo, the USB drive continues to be an effective marketing tool even once a client’s contract has been fulfilled. It provides a convenient medium for pre-loading data such as contact information, rate sheets and special offers as a way to encourage repeat business.

In the digital age, it is critically important for a business to keep up or risk falling behind. Simply delivering a quality finished product is no longer sufficient. Clients demand the latest and greatest. Clients want a finished product that offers them the greatest ease of use. As a result, professional photographers are rapidly moving toward USB drives as a means of product delivery, branding, and marketing with the impact of high return on investm


How to choose a good quality usb flash drives

What’s the usages of usb flash drives ,of course ,save data is the basic and important usages of usb .

So choose a good quality usb flash drives to save your data is quite important . how to judge it ?

1: high speed .  the low speed usb flash drive writing speed is about 3MB/s , it means ,when you uploads 1GB data you need  6min at least . for middle speed usb flash drives wrting speed is about 5MB/s , it means about 4 min ,  then for high speed usb with 10MB/s , it only need   1.71min

This speed difference also caused price difference, so don’t say your price is higher ,we should see what kind of chips they used and how about the speed .

2: enough capacity : no upgrade

Some client buy cheap usb flash drives, when they used ,they found the 8GB usb flash drives can only used 1GB capacity or less . this is fake usb ,we called it upgrade . So here recommend you one software to test your usb if with full capacity , “h2testw.exe”  It can show the speed and capacity

3: Check the Brand of chips . for regular users they may not check the ID of chips ,but the different chips is really effect the lifetime of usb .  Now ,the popular Brand in maket is Toshiba ,Micron ,SAMSUNG .

4: Design/Outlooking : Of couse,the surface of usb flash drivers is also quite important , above 3 points we talked is about inner side of usb . The style of use also important ,don’t forget usb flash drives another usage is promotional. You can choose the Custom Flash Drives,credit card usb ,Crystal usb and capless usb drives and key usbs and so on …

All these USBs has own feature , Custom flash drives can do what you want , Credit card usb has biggest size to printing and with competitive price . Crystal USB flash drives is unique Flash drives with 3D laser engraved….. There must be one for you.



Top 5 Utilities to use on a Flash Drive

USB flash drives and jump drives are often underrated and overlooked devices that can be used for much more than simply storing personal files and those needed for educational or professional purposes. With the increased amounts of storage options found in modern USB drives, flash drives can now hold just about any application, extension, or program with a variety of uses.
Here are five ways your trusty flash drive can help you on in a pinch:
ReadyBoost is a disk cache service that can be used in Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and the new Windows 10 operating system. It can increase the speed of your computer by storing temporary data on the flash drive, essentially letting the flash disk work as a mini temporary SSD hard drive. ReadyBoost works best on older computers with slow hard drives or low RAM, and you may not see much benefit on a high-end modern computer.
PREDATOR is software that allows you to both lock and unlock your computer using your flash drive, by inserting and removing the flash drive. Once you insert the drive, your computer will operate as it typically would, but upon removing the drive, your keyboard and mouse are disabled while placing the screen in a standby-mode visual. Multiple computers can be registered with the same copy of PREDATOR and the same flash drive.
Windows Recovery
Creating a recovery drive for your Windows computer will not only save the copious amounts of stress that one experiences when a critical system failure occurs, but can also allow you to boot your computer to access an immense amount of troubleshooting tools and features to revive an otherwise dead or failing PC. Now you no longer have to worry about having a proper restore point or the data that is needed on an alternate hard drive, a small drive the size of a pen cap can now recover all lost files.
Portable Apps
PortableApps is a catch-all program that allows you to download and install portable versions of hundreds of popular applications. Keeping a portable PDF viewer handy for example, such as Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader, ensures that you’ll always be able to view and access portable document format files and presentations without worrying about having a safe, secure internet or wireless connection that allows you to search the internet for your favorite program to open these. When using a public computer, one never knows what applications will and will not be available, and PortableApps allows you to take key applications like Skype, Chrome, GIMP, Audacity and LibreOffice with you.
Use as a Password Reset Disk
If you’ve ever experienced the horror of entering a password to unlock your system, just to get the error that the password entered is incorrect, then you’ve felt the miniature heart attack that many computer users worldwide experience when attempting to sign in. After forgetting a main system password, such as the one used to sign into a user profile, it’s nearly impossible to reset. Keeping a password reset disk on a flash drive can allow you to reset the password and gain access back to your profile and hard disk.