The Benefits of USB Drives for Photography Professionals

The Benefits of USB Drives for Photography Professionals

The work of a photography professional affords the opportunity to be a part of something special and capture moments that others will cherish for a lifetime. A photographer is entrusted with the responsibility of the capturing memories for those celebrations we treasure the most, weddings, anniversary parties, family reunions, a newborn baby, family portraits, graduations, and more.

A Shift to a New Medium

As a photographer, your special craft includes getting the perfect lighting, capturing the best angles, and editing photos so as to make them as perfect as possible. Until recently, the final step in the process was often burning those photos onto a CD or DVD and delivering them to the client. However, in the digital age, there’s been a shift in the medium.

Today’s market has shifted away from discs toward the digital experience. As a result, USB drives have begun to dominate as primary means of digital storage and delivery for professional photographers. Options for photographers continue to expand with the offering of custom USB drives in a variety of storage capacities, easily customized with a company logo and color scheme. The USB drive offers the photographer the opportunity to provide clients with something that can be personalized, exquisitely packaged, and can be used over and over again.

A Commonly Used Form of Storage

Technology is rapidly developing and it is not uncommon these days for many laptops other portable devices, and even some desktop computers to not include external disc drives. Optical media is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Using an outdated format can spell the demise of your business. Clients are always looking for the best, and that includes utilizing cutting edge technology. USB drives have become one of the most commonly used forms of storage in the world. Mass production and a reduced price point has resulted in the sale of over a half trillion USB drives worldwide.


Enable Your Clients to Share Your Work Quickly

When a client receives their special photos, they are often anxious to share those treasured moments with friends, family, co-workers, and potentially hundreds of others. A photographer’s work is often shared on popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Optical media such as CDs or DVDs can hinder the sharing process, as access to a drive may not be readily available, and discs can become easily scratched, damaged or lost. A USB drive allows clients to quickly upload photographs via computers, and many tablets and smartphones.

The faster and more efficiently a photographer’s work can be disseminated, the better the client experience. When a photographer’s work is shared, it serves as an important marketing tool as others admire the photographer’s work. When personalized with a company logo and color scheme, the USB drives presented to clients serve as a reminder to keep a business first and foremost in the client’s mind.

A Variety of Affordable, Customizable Options

USB drives also offer a pricing advantage. Today they are available at a relatively low cost, often competitive with more outdated media. Many companies require only a low minimum purchase for personalization. When ordering in bulk, additional savings of up to as much as 50% are typically available. Additionally, USB drives are available in a variety of storage capacities and styles. The small size of a USB drives lends itself nicely to elegant packaging which can further promote and enhance a photographer’s brand.


The Importance of Branding

In a competitive marketplace, branding remains of the utmost importance. Highly customizable with color, design and logo, the USB drive continues to be an effective marketing tool even once a client’s contract has been fulfilled. It provides a convenient medium for pre-loading data such as contact information, rate sheets and special offers as a way to encourage repeat business.

In the digital age, it is critically important for a business to keep up or risk falling behind. Simply delivering a quality finished product is no longer sufficient. Clients demand the latest and greatest. Clients want a finished product that offers them the greatest ease of use. As a result, professional photographers are rapidly moving toward USB drives as a means of product delivery, branding, and marketing with the impact of high return on investm